Will Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan Equal Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger’s Collections?

It is one of those times when a big festival is round the corner and a big Khan movie is ready to test its luck at the box-office. Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of India and also is a zone somewhat copyrighted by Shahrukh Khan. Since Baazigar in 1993, Shahrukh has been more or less regular at the box-office around this time. But this year, the benchmark has been set by Salman Khan’s Independence Day release Ek Tha Tiger which did stupendous business. Now, the industry is abuzz with one question: Will Shahrukh Khan manage to scale Salman’s heights (Checkout Salman’s t-shirt collection)?


Ek Tha Tiger released during an extended national holiday. It had a five days haul and ample scope to make huge profits. Also, Salman is a rage now. This ensured that the movie got immense footfall. He is also the king of single screen theatres which has seen such unprecedented sale of tickets after a long time. It made huge profits on its opening day and also during the weekend. Jab Tak Hai Jaan on the other is releasing on Diwali which is a festival celebrated in nearly every household. People worship Lord Lakshmi at their houses and also sometimes prefer to be with their family on that day. Moreover, Diwali holidays last for only two days. Hence, the movie needs to make maximum money during these two days.

Also, Ek Tha Tiger was a solo release. Many people credit this to the fact that no one would even dream of pitching themselves against the Salman onslaught. But nobody can deny that it helped the movie make profit immensely. The movie managed to win everyone’s heart as there was no one else to claim a share of it. But things are different with Jab Tak Hai Jaan. It will rival Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardar which is a masala comic entertainer that generally do well. The light and funny nature of the movie has already connected with the audience. It is expected to be a laugh riot. So, SOS also has an equal chance to be audience’s darling this Diwali. Hence, Shahrukh’s movie will be fighting for people’s love with Ajay’s SOS.

Ek Tha Tiger was released in 1700 screens whereas Jab tak Hai Jaan is expected to hit 1200 screens. The reach is less which might impact its gains.

All in all, Shahrukh will fight all odds to continue to rule the box-office compared Salman who got solo access to the box-office. But if you ask us, we are greedily happy as this Diwali, we will get to watch two movies of two completely different genres and enjoy it accordingly. So as far as we are concerned, we are glad to have both the movies at our disposal. Right, people?

Dabangg 2 song in another controversy now

Dabangg 2 released last December and pocketed whatever was desired and unexpected from the film. The fevicol song was certainly amongst the many highlights of the movie (after Salman Khan of course). But now when people have almost forgotten about the song, here comes a controversy related to the song. National Women Commission has sought answers from the film’s producer-director Arbaaz Khan on the use of abusive term ‘Laundiya’ in the song.

Kareena Kapoor Dabangg 2 Fevicol Song

Things started rolling in this regard when a tehsildar from North India heard the song apparently and found the line ‘Laundiya patayengey missed call se’ very maligning towards women. He lodged a complaint with National Women Commission who in turn asked Arbaaz to answer their queries. Nirmala Samant-Prabhavalkar from the commission said that this is high time people start respecting women and stop using derogatory terms in their reference. Filmmakers should stop projecting women wrongly on screen.

NWC attempted to get a reply from Arbaaz but it didn’t work. They then went to Pankaja Thakur, CEO of CBFC for support, who took the matter to Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh to check with Arbaaz. Last we heard Arbaaz’s lawyer met the commissioner with their part of the explanation. Well, we are still trying to figure why it took the tehsildar so long to spot the unkindly remarks in the song and take some action against it. The track gets screened on every music channel twice or thrice a day.

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Did Shatrughan Sinha spill the beans for Rani Mukherjee – Aditya Chopra?

They say to err is human. When you commit a mistake, you get the leeway to correct them. But what about huge blunders that threaten to leave you stunned. A similar incident happened with Rani Mukherjee when Shatrughan Sinha innocently called her Rani Chopra, hinting at her union with late Yash Chopra’s son Aditya Chopra!

Aditya Chopra Rani Mukherji

All this happened during the unveiling ceremony of Yash Chopra’s statue recently. It was done in YRF Studios itself with many industry people in attendance including Shatrughan Sinha. While giving his speech, Sinha called for the whole family and slipped in Rani’s name too. He said that his wife reminded him, he took every Chopra’s name but forgot Aditya. But he reasoned that when he is mentioning Rani Chopra, it is obvious that he is referring to Aditya Chopra as well. That was it and the whole place was buzzing with activity. By the time, the PR machinery could do something, the word was out.

Quite obviously, Rani was shell-shocked to hear it and guests at the event say she had covered her mouth in shock. We have been hearing about tales of how Aditya Chopra and Rani have secretly tied the knot in 2012 but none of them have ever owned up to their relationship, forget about the marriage. This ‘slip of tongue’, as termed by the PR machinery, makes us think if they have already read the vows. Interestingly, Rani was all teary eyed on the stage when Chopra’s statue was unveiled. Now we don’t if that was tears of tribute for the legendary man or for Sinha’s big slip.

Single Screens Chose Son Of Sardaar Over Jab Tak Hai Jaan?

son of sardar wallpaper

A lot of hue and cry was made over Yash Raj Film’s supposed monopolistic approach towards the film market for their movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan by Ajay Devgn whose movie Son Of Sardaar rivaled it. It was alleged that during the time of Ek Tha Tiger’s release, they entered into a treaty with the single screens that they would be allowed to screen ETT only if they give Jab Tak Hai Jaan an equal treatment. The theater owners had reportedly accepted their terms as ETT was too big a release to ignore. But now it seems they are over and done with this pact as many single screens have replaced shows of Jab Tak…with SOS.

A renowned daily has reported that nearly 350 theaters have given more shows to SOS than JTJH. Ajay’s business manager Kumar Mangat confirmed the news saying that this is welcome news for the film. Many theaters which were unable to allot shows to SOS will be able to do so now. He is informed that nearly 300 to 370 screens have been finalized for SOS.

Buzz is that the sad show of Jab Tak…at single screens is the reason behind this. While SOS has managed to earn 76 crores in spite of having 500 screens less than the Yash Chopra film, the latter registered only 90 crores. Amod Mehra, trade specialist, said that JTJH couldn’t make much profit in single screen theaters and so they are getting replaced by SOS. Even Maratha Mandir owner confirmed to the daily that they have curtailed the shows of JTHJ from 3 to 2 shows. When asked, YRF spokesperson explained that this is a natural process that the theaters follow. After a week or two, shows get reduced. JTJH had a great run and collected nearly 100 crore domestically and another 50 crore across the globe in its first week. Theaters were reserved only for the first week.

Imran Khan Getting Friendly With Sonakshi Sinha

You have heard of actors preparing for their roles. They interact with people on whom their roles are based on or go to places to discover their character’s true essence. But you might have never heard about two stars asked to prepare their chemistry. Yes you read right! For Once Upon A time In Mumbaai’s sequel, Imran Khan and Sonakshi Sinha are asked to get friendly with each other before the film goes on the floor.

imran khan sonakshi sinha

Milan Luthria, director of the movie, is the brain behind this unique ‘meet up and prepare your role’ program. He has asked both Imran and Sonakshi to meet each other as much as possible to get familiar with each other. According to a source, Milan wants them to look very friendly on screen. He wants them to develop certain comfort level to do their scenes in the movie. Interestingly, they never met before their meeting with Milan and so on the directives of their director; the two artistes are busy getting acquainted with each other.

Imran, it seems, has taken the first step by inviting Sonakshi for dinner at his place. Well, we hope all these catching up will help them emote properly on screen. Now, with Milan Luthria at the helm of affairs, we know that their bonding will be nothing less real on screen.

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Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam Gets Support From Aamir Khan

Kamal Haasan might have never fathomed that his Vishwaroopam will earn so much brickbats even before the movie could get a proper release. First his ambitious move to release the film on DTH before the theatrical release made the theater owners see red and now, a section of Muslim radicals have objected to the film’s release. In all this chaos, Aamir Khan seemed to be the one who has come out in support of Kamal Haasan.


Talking to the press at Ahmednagar, a place in Maharashtra, Aamir said that he doesn’t see a reason to put a ban on Vishwaroopam when the Censor board has found nothing uncomplimentary in the film. The Board has passed the movie, so the ban should get lifted too. Vishwaroopam was supposed to release along with Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola but got postponed to January 25.

A few Muslim groups have had sought a ban on the movie’s screening as they think it shows the community in bad light which might hurt religious sentiments. Tamil Nadu government had stalled the release of the movie on January 23.

Well, we hope this impasse on Vishwaroopam ends sooner than later so that Haasan can breathe a sigh of relief. Many people are waiting to see the magnum opus unfurl. Reports suggest the movie’s release in Kerala has seen tremendous response. It will be wrong to deprive the Hindi audience from enjoying this Haasan presentation.

Hot Hollywood Mothers-To-Be!

Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, and the Duchess Kate Middleton are pretty pregnant right now. We bring you a lowdown on their pregnancies and due dates.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant

1. Kim Kardashian: She is carrying boyfriend Kanye West’s child. The couple dubbed, Kimye, are expecting their first child in July 2013 and their families are super-delighted and have spoken about the news publicly. Kim suffered from fertility issues in the past and this pregnancy took everyone by pleasant surprise. She is excited about the health of the child and they have not revealed the sex of the child as yet. The “Kimye” baby will be born in July, around the same time as the Royal Baby. Kimye have discussed getting married but nothing is final as yet.


2. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton: Okay, she is not a Hollywood celebrity but she is royalty and this is the pregnancy of the year! Everybody is excited about the Royal Baby. She was suffering from morning sickness but is a lot better now and continues to step out for Royal duties and walking her dog. The baby will be raised at Kensington Palace.


3. Jessica Simpson: The pop-star had a baby girl with fiancé Eric Johnson only in May last year and is pregnant again. She lost her baby weight and is now piling it on for baby number two. She has a daughter named Maxwell who is not even 1 yet. The baby is due post summer in 2013.

Asin wants to work with Rajnikanth


Asin made a name for herself down south by being part of some hit movies. But she never got a chance to pair up with the legendary Rajinikanth. This is one grouse she harbours. But Asin won’t jump at any opportunity to star opposite him. She wants a good script for that. She clears that she wishes to work with Rajini… If she comes across a good project, she will certainly act opposite him. It seems her wish might soon get fulfilled. Rumours suggest that Asin is in consideration to be the female lead opposite the legendary superstar in Kochadaiyaan. Presently, Asin is busy with Housefull 2 and she is pretty excited about it too. Well, Asin, we hope you get to work with Rajnikanth next year.

Asin Found An Honest Friend In Sonam Kapoor

Post Ready, Asin will be back on the silver screen with Housefull 2. She seemed very happy with the way she has been portrayed on screen. Speaking to reporters, she talked about her look, bikini and strangely, Sonam Kapoor.


Let’s deal with one at a time. Taking her look first, Asin is very pleased with the way she looks on screen in the film. She is also getting compliments for it. She has worked on her appearance and so, Housefull 2 is an important film for her.

Moving on to her thoughts on wearing a bikini in the film, Asin points out that the film is a family entertainer and so the makers didn’t see the need to ask her to flaunt a two-piece. Anyway, the original had the girls in bikini and so, in the sequel, she went against it. But what if she is asked to flaunt one in her upcoming films? Asin added that she doesn’t think about it so much. She isn’t clear what she will do if the script demands it. She feels she might mull over it and take a decision when need arises.

When asked why she thinks, she managed to stay on in both South Indian film industry and Bollywood cohesively, Asin says that it is may be because she is a hassle-free person. No one can unnerve her very easily and that’s what she thinks made things simple for her. This has also helped her stay friends with Sonam Kapoor. They gel well because they are likeminded. They don’t mince words and are very honest with their opinions. Hence, she now feels that two actresses can definitely be friends as it depends on the nature of the people involved.

Well, it is great to know that you have an ‘honest’ friend in the industry Asin. But always remember too much of frankness can turn ugly sometimes as truth always hurts.

Priyanka Chopra needs a serious change?

Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra seriously needs some fashion designer advice because everyone had enough of her distressed jeans. Where ever she go she always seen wearing her distressed pair of jeans though she looks beautiful but now it’s a time for her to come out in some new hot outfit. PC you can slip in to your jeans but not always, maybe it’s a time you try to re invent your style sense again.